Bob Gould

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Bob Gould


I’ve served on TRELL’s Board for the last 2 years as Township Liaison. During my tenure, I’ve been able to establish/strengthen new and existing relationships within Toms River Township. The Town is our lifeline and this partnership is critical for the success of our organization. Over the last 2 years under my direction, TRELL and our Town have been able to achieve many great things together. The safety nets on Field 7 may stand out to the public but there are many things behind the scenes. Trust me, we are not done! I’ve been working on several projects for a while now and feel I am the right person to see them through. The communication/collaboration has never been better and now is certainly not the time for a disruption.


Before you go out and vote, please ask yourself “what qualities make a good Board member”? Passion comes to mind first and foremost. The candidate must feel strong enough about issues to speak up in front of a Board, even in the face of adversity. You have to dedicate time. I promise you, not every Board member has dedicated nearly the same amount of time as others during my tenure. I understand this is a volunteer position but a candidate needs to understand the time commitment in order to make an impact. A broad professional skillset certainly helps. Emotional intelligence is very important. You have to be able to control your emotions and handle interpersonal relationships. Objectivity must be at the center of all decision-making. People say they have good intentions for the Board…is there an agenda? You have to be approachable by your peers and not the type of person to always escalate the conversation. Attentiveness. Open-mindedness. Just because TRELL has done something a specific way for years does not mean it’s the correct way. These are just a few attributes I feel I’ve brought to the Board and will continue moving forward. At the end of the day, I am very detail-oriented and give 100% to anything I’m involved with. I am dedicated to getting the job done correctly.


Now, a little about myself…


I am a proud, life-long resident of Toms River. My education started as a Silver Bay Seagull and finished as a Toms River North Mariner in 1997. I attended both Rutgers and Montclair State, graduating Valedictorian of the Montclair State Business School in 2003. After college, I entered the pharmaceutical industry and have worked for GlaxoSmithKline since 2008. My professional experience is diverse including sales, management, training, marketing, data analytics and compliance. Personal development has always been important to me. I pride myself on constantly learning and growing as an individual. It’s these attributes acquired throughout my life that translate to the TRELL Board and make an impact where appropriate.


I’ve been married to Tina Gould for 17 years now. Tina is a 6th grade Social Studies teacher at Toms River Intermediate East. We have 2 sons named Alex (12) and Cameron (10) whom attend Intermediate East/Cedar Grove Elementary. They are two of the nicest and kindest human beings you will ever meet. My boys could not be more different. Alex does not have a competitive bone in his body. Cameron does not like to lose a game of Uno. This has taught me one of the biggest life lessons as a father. Every child is completely different and that is perfectly fine! Not every kid is going to be a superstar athlete. Not every kid is going to be overly competitive. The important thing is supporting them in whatever they do and making sure they are enjoying life as a kid. This translates to Little League and is a big part of why I have a desire to continue serving the Board. I want to ensure all children are treated fairly on and off the field no matter their athletic ability or desire. These early years are supposed to be for development. We should be supporting all kids, no matter their skill set, in whatever ways we can. My goal on the Board is to ensure the TRELL organization is putting these kids in a fair position to have fun and fall in love with the game of baseball.


My love of baseball started in 1986 when my father introduced me to the NY Mets. They went on to win the World Series that year. I have great memories of watching all the playoff games with my father. I am a product of TRELL. I started playing baseball at a very young age and continued up into my teenage years. Some of my greatest memories are with TRELL. My friends and I talk about the “old TRELL days” all the time with smiles. As soon as I had my first son, I knew sports would continue to be a huge part of my life. When my second son came along, the question then became “how am I going to coach all these teams”. I’ve coached my entire life. I grew up with a younger sister and the protective side of me always felt the need to coach her. Make her a better human being and help her learn from my mistakes. I’ve coached many individuals throughout my management career in pharmaceuticals. I’ve coached soccer, football and basketball. As far as baseball, I’ve been a TRELL manager/coach since T-ball. I’ve had the privilege of managing/coaching several All-Star/travel teams. Coaching is a passion of mine, especially baseball. I’ve been watching and studying the game of baseball since I was a little kid. I consider myself a student of the game. Just like in other areas of my life, I am always looking to grow as an individual. As I grow and learn more about managing/coaching baseball, I look forward to passing my knowledge onto the kids.


Thank you for your consideration for a TRELL Board seat!