TRELL Covid Protocols

UpdatedThursday April 22, 2021 byChristine DiNicola.

​March 27,2021



The following are the game protocols for the Toms River East Little League Complex:


Players should have their temperatures taken at home and be able to answer no to all the questions on the Covid-19 checklist.
No more than 4 players in the dugout on field 6 60/90 field and no more than 3 players in the dugout on all other fields. The rest of the players will be socially distanced in the bleachers.
Only the players are to be on the bleachers
Parents should observe the games in the outfield or down the foul lines socially distanced
No gum, seeds or sharing of drinks
Place batting bags on the outside of the batting cages (on field 6). Place batting bags on the outside of the field on all other fields. There is warning tape up to ensure they are 6 feet apart.
All coaches should have a mask on them for any close contact with the children
Social distance as much as possible
All dugouts will have hand sanitizer
No sharing of equipment
No bodily contact during team celebrations. A tip of the cap is recommended socially distanced.