Family Fun Day

June 3rd

Updated Friday May 19, 2017 by Jason Victor.

Attention fellow TRELL members:  Here are a few announcements pertaining to the 2017 Family Fun Day activities and events, June 39-3pm.

This is a new addition to our day and we have already had a lot of teams reach out to help, which is AWESOME!!  We are looking for each team to donate a baked item to be sold for $0.50 each, if you are baking cookies (2 each), brownies or rice krispie treats we ask that you please individually wrap them to make it a little easier.  We are also looking for some donations that are peanut and gluten free so that our members with allergies can enjoy as well (please label these items).  We ask that all baked goods be dropped off at the Spirit Store by 8:30 am on June 3, we will store them inside the Spirit Store and have a table set up right outside.
This year's event will be different from the past few years.  Each team will play ONE game ONLY and it will take place around 4 pm (time may change).  We ask that you submit your team name with one contact person so that we can touch base with the details (please submit when you have a full team).  If you have a partial team please reach out to Amy or Lori and let us know and we can try and team you up with others that may only have a partial team, if we get a partial team we may have to split you up to join other teams if need be.  Game rules will be sent out to the teams once we get a little bit closer to the game.
We are looking for some volunteers to help out with running some of the boardwalk games and events that will be taking place, even an hour helps out tremendously.  If you are interested in helping out please submit your name and contact info to Amy, Lori, or Greg so we can make the schedule.  This is a great way to get your high school age child some volunteer hours (wink, wink).  Coaches, don't worry because we have something in store for you as well.  Stay tuned for a volunteer schedule for coaches to help out with one of our events!!
As always, we couldn't make events like this possible without the help from our members and we thank everyone for all of their help!!
Amy Sabatino
Greg McLaughlin