TRELL Night At the Races was a Success!

Updated Wednesday May 3, 2017 by Jason Victor.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the league Saturday night for our Night at the Races Fundraiser! I hope everyone who attended had a great time - I know I did!  We could go on and on about all the fun that we had, but more importantly I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the ladies of the committee that worked tirelessly to bring the event to life!  Brianne Santiago, Jen Mika, Melissa O'Neill, Christine Toth, Christine Cook, Jill Ferri, Lori Koman, Kelly Kinney, and Stephanie Bowen all put countless hours into the planning of the event and have lived and breathed this night since we decided to make it reality. These ladies are the reason that the evening was as successful as it was, and they deserve to be recognized and receive all the credit that goes along with it.  Special thanks also go out to Dave Murtha and Paul Mika for their contributions to the event as well.  

Thank you to all our race sponsors, horse owners, and gift donors!  A full list will be posted on the website so they can all be recognized as sponsors.  

Our next event is Blueclaws Day, Saturday May 13th!  Stay tuned for more info!